Organizer Mp3

Organizer Mp3

It helps to create an mp3 collection, add text, image, slide show, lyrics, etc.
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Organizer Mp3 4.5 is the latest release of this free software by Slava Neymer. We can download it directly from the developer's website. When installing, we are asked to register our email address online to get the fully functional version free of charge. Otherwise, we can install the program in Demo mode, meaning that we cannot create a collection with more than four albums and our album cannot contain more than ten songs. This software has been designed to help us to organize our mp3 audio files. From the Starting Windows, we can edit a collection or build a new one. If we select to build a new collection, from the Main button, we can edit the name of the collection, collector, and information about the album, such as year, catalog info, CDDBKey, producer, and comments in simple text .txt format. It is also possible to upload a .bmp image to the album label. Then we can add our favorite songs from our computer directory, including external drivers. We are allowed to play them from the interface. It supports MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA audio files. From the Settings buttons, we can choose colors, select a .bmp format image for the album cover, changing the name of the mp3 files, and select the language, song information, text options, and miscellaneous. The Slide-Show option gives us a tool to create a slide show with our pictures and preview them. From the Tools button, the program can search for the lyrics on the Internet, and other options. Finally, we can burn our collection to a CD.

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